Evidence of U.S. backtracking on supporting democracy in Egypt
Evidence of U.S. backtracking on supporting democracy in Egypt
Wednesday, November 3,2010 18:59

In clear evidence of the decline in the U.S. administration in maintaining the principle of spreading democracy in the Middle East US Ambassador to Egypt Margaret Scobey confirmed the US respected and trusted Egypt’s supervision over the parliamentary elections.
During her meeting with Nabil Ezabi the governor for Assuit Scobey asserted that elections are the most basic rights and if Egypt refuses international supervision of elections then it's wishes must be respected and we must trust the supervision of the Egyptian state and its sovereignty.
Regarding financial support Scobey maintained that U.S. support for Egypt will continue noting that in the coming years the bulk of U.S. aid to Egypt will be focused on the education department in order to facilitate the Egyptian government in the development of the education system, which she described was the cornerstone of development.
She highlighted the significance of a US and Egyptian relationship based on common interests and mutual respect, according to President Obama’s’ earlier vision expressed in his famous speech at the Cairo University.
According to observers this statement indicates clearly  the existence of a deal between the Egyptian regime and the American administration with  US intentions to disregard any irregularities or violations which may occur during the next parliamentary elections, late November and the presidential elections slated for next year.