Abu Shaar condemns repeated storming of Aqsa
Abu Shaar condemns repeated storming of Aqsa
Saturday, December 11,2010 13:54

 Dr. Taleb Abu Shaar, the minister of Awkaf and religious affairs, in Gaza, has condemned the Jewish fanatic settlers who repeatedly storm and desecrate the Aqsa Mosque's plazas in occupied Jerusalem.

The minister said in a press release on Friday that such practices only boost efforts of Palestinians in general and the Jerusalemites in particular to defend their holy shrines.

He said that the Israeli occupation authority, which encourages such practices, would not succeed in wiping out the Palestinian citizens' insistence on affiliation with their holy shrines and country.

Abu Shaar hailed the Jerusalemite citizens' steadfastness in confronting those storming attempts, and appealed to the world community, especially human rights groups and the media, to demand trial of Israeli leaders.