WikiLeaks - Another Perspective
WikiLeaks - Another Perspective
Tuesday, December 21,2010 14:28

According to recent polls, Israel is seen as the greatest threat to world peace, yet Wikileaks is distracting people’s attention away from Israel , focusing on Iran as the biggest threat. Arab opinion shows that Israel is seen (80%) as the major threat to world peace, while the US takes second place (77%), and, Iran comes in third with only 10%.

The trouble is that this is not what Wikileaks is saying as it changes focus onto Iran. At the same time we have to ask, why is there hardly any mention of North Korea with its nuclear facilities? Some people say Wikileaks is a Psyopsoperation.
As US support of Israel lessens, Israel sees that there must be a change of focus onto Iran , and away from itself. Why? Because Israel was under pressure to end its 60-year occupation of Palestine and with the peace process dragging on, Wikileaks came just in time to attract world wide attention onto the US , with Iran as the notable evil-doer.
Wikileaks focuses on US proxy dictatorships like Egypt and Syria to show how these groups turn against their own people. The pro-Israeli leaks showed how Iran is isolated even in the Muslim world which adds support, making it easier for Israel and the US to attack Iran if they so desire.
The whole scenario is concocting a cultural context for war. But what would WWIII in the Middle East do except destroy everyone? Wikileaks has ushered in massive mistrust – the portent of war.
The goal of Wikileaks then, would be to present the US as being at the forefront of duplicity and evil-doing, not Israel . With perfect timing, the US lost its credibility as leaks called its motives into question and put its relations with other nations into jeopardy.
Perhaps the understatement of the year was made by the Italian Foreign Minister who said: ‘The news released by Wikileaks will change diplomatic relations between countries.’
Also, with the US now being seen as having misread North Korean intentions, how can the nations of the world trust its perception of nuclear Iran ? Israel is now off the front page, and Iran is in the lime-light. No nation can trust the US to maintain confidences and the risks increase for everyone, except Israel . Even if Israel launched an attack on Iran , it could justify itself by citing Wikileaks.
Wikileaks being an attack against the US was also mentioned by the influential German magazine, Der Spiegel, writes: "It is nothing short of a political meltdown for US foreign policy."
The next question is: how much will the media tell us about the leaks? Magazines have the scope to permit the US government to censure, at least some of what it prints about the leaked documents. We have to know that we will not be told everything. Most readers want to know about gossip and any unflattering remarks made by the US about their foreign counterparts. It is not a serious quest by any means, for most people. With the media middle-man still in the picture, editors and journalists will continue to be told how to present and use the leaks.
With Iran now being presented as the evil-doer of the Middle East, instead of Israel, many people have already forgotten that unlike Israel and the US, Iran has not invaded any of its neighbours (the US is invading countries half way around the world).
A notable number of experts appeared along with Wikileaks and the word is that the Saudi and Egyptian rulers’ hatred of Iran has vindicated the US and Israeli governments’ demonization of Iran. However, no expert managed to point out the crimes of the tyrants who rule Egypt and Saudi Arabia and how they suppress their own people to represent US interests.
In fact, the US response to the leaks has been so intense that calls have been made for the death penalty for anyone leaking documents to Wikileaks.