MB Slams Current Affairs and Renews Petition for Reform
MB Slams Current Affairs and Renews Petition for Reform
Saturday, December 25,2010 23:47

In the past few days Egypt has witnessed desperate attempts by the ruling regime to ignore the scandal of the 2010 parliamentary elections; trying to legitimize the fraudulent parliament, convince citizens that the parliament contains a number of opposition seats that can address the absolute majority, and that the disaster of parliament in many respects coincides with WikiLeaks scandals. It is also focusing on the upcoming referendum on independence for Southern Sudan and hostility by the Palestinian Authority towards deportees Hamas lawmakers and ex-detainees.
The Muslim Brotherhood views this as follows:

 First: On a domestic level:
The Muslim Brotherhood argues that attempts by the state-controlled media to turn a blind eye on irregularities and systematic fraud in the latest parliamentary elections are exposing the Egyptian regime's infamy as it is a step that will not give parliament its legal or popular legitimacy. Instead, the media must side with the people who expressed their anger and refused to falsify the people's will instead of blatantly seeking to improve the regime's image that is doomed to failure even if the system insists on the null and void parliament.
The MB believes that remarks made by some officials about the irrelevance of many court decisions issued against the fraudulent parliament and their emphasis that the People's Assembly is the only authority competent to decide upon the validity of its members’ membership, is a flagrant, naked attack on the Constitution, the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary.  Despite the fact that the parliament should be fully independent, as stipulated by the Constitution, law professors should not be a part of suspending verdicts, especially deputies who won parliamentary seats due to the exercise of fraud and bullying.
The Brothers strongly reject advisory opinions that have no basis in Islam that were issued by some who claim to be scholars calling for the death of Sheikh Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, former IAEA chief Dr. Mohamed El-Baradei and other opposition figures, asserting that the government permits such illegal advisory opinions and to have them circulated in the official and independent media is a form of intimidation.
The Brothers renew their call to the Egyptian people, that was spearheaded by the powerful Muslim Brotherhood, to positively interact with MB and NAC's online ‘Petition 7’ demands for reform, and to emphasize that these demands are not only related to the presidential and parliamentary elections, but it is also a popular demand for comprehensive reform.
Second: Internationally and regionally:
The Sudanese people are currently undergoing a critical stage, not only in their history, but also in the Arab and Islamic history, therefore, the Brothers blame Arab and Islamic regimes for the likely secession of the south because they left Sudan to fall prey to US/Zionist colonial ambitions. The Muslim Brotherhood calls upon the people of the free world to declare their anger on the secession of southern Sudan and to exert Arab/Islamic pressure against malicious conspiracies that are being plotted against Sudan.
The Muslim Brotherhood warns of the dangers of WikiLeaks Cables on close cooperation between the IOF usur
per and forces loyal to the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, to weaken the Palestinian resistance under the auspices of some Arab regimes to liquidate the Palestinian cause and protect the IOF at the expense of the rights of the Palestinian people to free their land from occupation. The sequential facts shown by WikiLeaks have debunked many Arab leaders before the eyes of their own people and have shown that the successive American administrations have manipulated the Arab/ Islamic destiny. Therefore, the Muslim Brotherhood believes that a siege is still imposed on the Gaza Strip, attempts at Judaizing Jerusalem, plans to demolish Al-Aqsa Mosque Arab and collusion with the cancerous IOF entity against the forces of resistance Arab leaders only maintains its responsibility.
The Muslim Brotherhood affirms their full support to the Kashmiri Muslims and strongly condemns attempts to end their resistance, questioning: Why does the international community endorse a double standard on Muslims? This is happening at a time when the international community supports the East Timorese right to self-determination at the expense of Indonesia, and supports complete secession of Southern Sudan at the expense of a united Sudan. We find that it turns a blind eye to the Indian atrocities against the Kashmiri people, demanding the free international media to expose the Indian atrocities in Kashmir.