Mohamed ElBaradei: Muslim Brotherhood not radical
Mohamed ElBaradei: Muslim Brotherhood not radical
Wednesday, February 23,2011 15:14

In a recent interview with Today’s Zaman former IAEA chief Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, stated that he did not see the Muslim Brotherhood Egypt’s popular opposition as a radical organization as portrayed in the West stressing that elections conducted before the establishment of democratic institutions in the country would only benefit the party in power.

Talking about the latest developments in Egypt, ElBaradei ascertained that it was imperative that the elections be held in one year’s time, rather than six months. He noted that regimes in Egypt have so far been sustained with military backing, adding that those retiring from the army have either been made governors and directors general, or assumed important posts in ministries.

According to the Noble peace prize laureate democracy is not just a matter of going to the ballot box, adding stressing that any election that comes before or without the existence of democratic institutions can only serve the interests of the governing political party.

He stated that no party is prepared or formally structured for the elections to be held in September.
He expressed his belief that the MB would not be able to gain more than 20-25 percent of the vote; he said that it could in no way be regarded as radical.

He defended the MB confirming that the group would always reject the use of arms and would remain loyal to democracy, emphasising that the organization’s initial struggle was not religious, but completely political.