New PM Essam Sharaf names cabinet
New PM Essam Sharaf names cabinet
Sunday, March 6,2011 23:29

The government’s official Facebook page has confirmed that the following people are suggested for the posts of the various ministries in the cabinet under the new PM Essam Sharaf.

Members of the new cabinet are due to deliver their oaths of office before Field Marshal Mohamed Tantawi Monday. The names below are still however subject to confirmation by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

Sharaf’s choices for ministers for the transitional Egyptian government include:

Minister of International Cooperation: Fayza Abul Naga.

Minister of Transportation: Atef Abdel Hamid.

Minister of Civil Aviation: Ibrahim Manaa.

Minister of Housing: Fathi ElBaradei.

Minister of Military Industries: Sayed Mashal.

Minister of Industry and Internal Trade: Samir Sayed.

Minister of Social Solidarity: Gouda Abdul Khaleq.

Minister for National Development: Mohsen Al-Noamany.

Minister of Environment: Maged George.

Minister of Health: Ashraf Hatem.

Minister of Electricity: Hassan Younis.

Minister of Tourism: Munir Fakhry Abdul Nour.

Minister of Culture: Emad Abu Ghazi.

Minister of Labour and Migration: Ahmed Al-Brins.

Minister of Interior: Mansour El-Essawy.

Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation: Hussein Al-Atefy.