MB Representative in Fayoum Submits Complaint Against State Security
MB Representative in Fayoum Submits Complaint Against State Security
Thursday, May 19,2011 11:59

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Rahman, director of the MB office in Fayyoum and head of the board of management of Makkah Hospital in Fayoum, attended yesterday the Fayoum Prosecution to give his statements concerning the complaint he submitted against State Security Services in Fayoum.

He complained against Abdellatif Elhady, Mohammed Abdeltawwab and Mohamed Sharabi, accusing them of causing damage to him and his property as well as to the workers with him in the hospital along with his unlawful arrest and detention.

In his complaint, he stressed that the security officers coordinated with the Health Department, the Water and Sewage Company and Industrial Security to submit complaints against the hospital which he directs in order to hamper its work.

Among these cases is one water bill worth half a million pounds and the unlawful payment of 9,000 pounds for the electric company.

He also complained against his arrest in November 2007 and a case that was fabricated against him in the State Security for receiving Mohamed El-Dahshoury, the victim who was tortured in Fayoum Police Station by Officer Moataz Allwag. Dahshoury died in the hospital of severe injuries. Dr. Abdel Rahman was then arrested in order to change the medical report and his testimony which he refused to do and was then unlawfully detained for six months.

Mostafa Mahmoud, head of the Law Unit in Adala Institution for Human Rights, stressed that the complaint submitted yesterday by Dr. Abdel Rahman is a good step toward bringing to justice the state security officers who tortured Egyptian citizens for long years. He noted that more complaints against corrupt officers will follow.