FJP Press Release on Constitutional Principles
FJP Press Release on Constitutional Principles
Monday, July 18,2011 16:23

Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) stresses that the Democratic Alliance for Egypt (DAE) is the only entity representing FJP's efforts to achieve national consensus and build the future of Egypt collaboratively with 28 Egyptian parties from across the political spectrum. The FJP did not and will not participate in any other meetings regarding the so-called "Constitutional Documents." 

The party emphasized in its third meeting dated 13th of July, 2011, that the elected Constitutional Assembly that will be formed to draft a new constitution has to represent all the people, and not just the parliamentary majority, which will result in a new constitution that satisfies all Egyptians and reflects national consensus.

Mohamed Saad El Katatny
Freedom and Justice Party
Secretary General
July 18, 2011