FJP Condemns Israeli Blocking of French Vessel Headed for Gaza
FJP Condemns Israeli Blocking of French Vessel Headed for Gaza
Tuesday, July 19,2011 18:11

Freedom and Justice Party Secretary General Dr. Saad Katatny strongly criticised the Israeli naval forces which forcefully took over the French vessel Dignite al-Karama en route to Gaza to break Israel's blockade on the coastal strip.

In a press statement Katatny slammed the blockade describing it as a "continuation of the arrogant Zionist terrorism against the besieged Gazans."

Furthermore, he denounced the suppression of the Israeli military against the relentless attempts to break the blockade which began with the vicious massacre in May 2010 against the Freedom Flotilla, attacked in international waters and condemned worldwide.

Katatny called for the end of the siege against the Gazans and urged responsible institutions and non-governmental organizations worldwide to unite in assisting the people and supplying the people with their basic needs.

He added that the FJP fully supports the Palestinians’ rights to live decent and stable lives and to receive the services imperative for a dignified life away from the Israeli violence and oppression as stipulated in all international laws.