Zendani Unveils Herbal Drug For Treating AIDS
Wednesday, December 6,2006 00:00
By Ikhwanweb

In a major breakthrough in the world of medicine, head of the Yemeni Iman University Sheikh Abdul Meguid Al Zendani said that he and his scientific team discovered an herbal drug which can cure AIDS. He added that around 15 HIV carriers were cured after they regularly took this medicine in a period ranging between three months and one year, pointing out that the tests conducted on the sample group after the treatment course proved that they became free from the virus. Al Zendani called on all pharmaceuticals and the World Health Organization (WHO) to visit Yemen to see the results of the tests which were made in the world’s most sophisticated labs . However, he declined to give more details on these herbs or their whereabouts before obtaining a patent from world health quarters. According to Zendani, this anti HIV drug was not discovered by accident but researches started 15 years ago when a research team was formed in Medina, Saudi Arabia, as a nucleus of a scientific centre dedicated for taking advantage of the Prophet’s medical and health related sayings. However, Al Zendani pointed out that the medicine underwent laboratory experiments on animals and cells, and it proved effective with the sample group of HIV patients; the tests were also conducted in world medical labs to make sure that they conform to the first hand findings. In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Al Zendani said that the recently discovered anti HIV drug proves that Muslims can play a significant role in the realm of science and technology, assuring that this invention illustrates the necessity of going back to nature as far as medical drugs are concerned. But he warned pharmaceuticals of cashing in on the invention in disregard of the pains of the millions who suffer that serious illness.