Lebanon’s Islamic Group Urges Calm, Dialogue
Thursday, November 30,2006 00:00
By Ikhwanweb

The Islamic Group in Lebanon has called on the opposition to calm down and resort to dialogue, in a statement it issued after the Lebanese opposition urged its supporters to take to the streets to topple Siniora’s government.

"The Islamic group has previously declared its opinion: that we don’t prefer taking to streets, specially that the opposition’s targets from this can be tackled within the constitutional institutions, whether in parliament or the table of dialogue which Mr. Nabih Berri the House speaker called for" said the deputy Secretary-General of the Islamic group in Lebanon Ibrahim al-Masri.

Al-Masri confirmed that taking to the street puts Lebanon at risk; this is because taking to the street from a certain power may be faced by a countermeasure from other powers, something that may devastate Lebanon; add to this that the Lebanese public opinion is speaking about a new reported wave of assassinations which may increase the state of political turmoil in the Lebanon.

Regarding the Islamic group’s role in this crisis, Al-Masri said:" we urged all sides to resort to dialogue and give priority to our country over the narrow partisan interests; also, we are calling for a calming within the Sunni arena and we hope that all sides adopt this method.

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