Brotherhood Students in Egypt Demand Bashar’s Ouster, Syrian Revolution Support
Brotherhood Students in Egypt Demand Bashar’s Ouster, Syrian Revolution Support
Tuesday, February 21,2012 08:19

 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) students, at Al-Azhar University, held a massive protest rally, Monday, in front of their college, in support of the Syrian people against the murderous aggression and bloody brutality of Bashar Al-Assad and his militias. The rally was attended by a delegation from Syrian figures and symbols of the revolution led by Dr. Wessam Malouhi and Sheikh Rabi’e Al-Hani. They performed prayers for the souls of free Syria martyrs.

MB student speeches proclaimed their solidarity with the Syrian revolution and demanded that Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, head of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), and the Government of Dr. Kamal Ganzouri should take serious steps to support the Syrian Revolution.

Brotherhood students chanted: “Leave Now, O Bashar”, “Syria and Egypt, One Hand” and “The People Want Execution of Bashar".

In a statement, MB students stressed that, with the continuing massacres in unarmed and undefended Homs, Hama, Deir Al-Zour, Dara’a, Damascus and Aleppo, the students cannot rest their minds or sleep or enjoy anything in life.

The students demanded that Egypt must cut off all ties with the bloody Syrian regime, recognize the Transitional National Assembly (TNA) as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people, and fully support the TNA on Arab, regional and international levels to stop these massacres.

Last Friday witnessed a massive angry public protest, in front of the Syrian Embassy in Cairo, before the recall of the Egyptian Ambassador from Damascus.