Consultation Hearings to Be Held Before Writing Constitution
Consultation Hearings to Be Held Before Writing Constitution
Monday, March 26,2012 20:55

 Dr. Tariq Al-Desouki, MP for the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and a member of the Constituent Assembly (CA), said that the Constitution will only be written – in its final form – after a process in which all political actors will be consulted through a series of hearings explore all opinions, views and proposals for the Constitution.

The FJP lawmaker said, "I am optimistic that the Constitution will be acceptable to all Egyptians, and will be balanced so as to achieve the aspirations of the Egyptian people, with all its segments, classes, hues and denominations.

With regard to arguments and questions raised concerning the selection of members of the CA, Dr. Al-Desouki explained that this is to be expected due to the natural divergence of views among humans, adding that it however took an exaggerated and disproportionate form, and seemed like a campaign deliberately designed to distort and tarnish the positive image of the historical event Egypt is witnessing today.

He added that the 30-strong Commission that drafted the 1923 Constitution, which some see as the best constitution in Egypt’s political life, was not at all satisfactory for the Wafd majority at the time. Saad Zaghloul described as the Commission of the Wretched; but when it wrote the Constitution, it was balanced.