Dr. Morsi: The City of Port Said Must Once Again Be Free Zone
Dr. Morsi: The City of Port Said Must Once Again Be Free Zone
Monday, May 21,2012 08:48

 In a massive rally and public conference in Port Said – the famous seaport city in the north east of Egypt, Sunday afternoon, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) for the presidency, expressed his love for the city, adding that it should be the pride of Egypt and its gateway to Europe.

“Port Said should get a full opportunity for progress and prosperity, especially after the construction of the new harbor and the implementation of the project to build a side canal to East of Port Said harbor.

“I would never give up on Port Said. God knows, since I started this campaign, I was determined to visit this city."

He further explained that he lived the days of the tripartite aggression in 1956 and the events of war in Port Said.

“I had a friend who died a Martyr in that war in Port Said. I know Port Said was at the forefront of resistance to the tripartite aggression, just as it was in the forefront of the provinces in sparking the January 25 revolution.”

Moreover, Dr. Morsi stressed that Port Said must be a full Free Zone once again, without delay, and with all privileges, asserting that he was against the amendment to Act 5 of 2002, when he was an MP, and endeavored to stop this unjust law, accompanied by Dr. Akram Al-Sha’er, but the former regime did not give them a chance to do so.

“I am saddened and dismayed to see areas such as Zirzara, Alkaboty, Umm Khalaf and Aldipah fall into slum conditions, when its people are good merchants with close links to Europe.

“Port Said opens its arms for all citizens of Egypt, from other provinces across the country, to come and work here. It’s only logical that its own people should be amongst the richest in Egypt, if not the richest of all.

“God willing, Port Said will have a well-deserved special place in the heart of Egypt, and in Nahda (Renaissance) Project.”

The presidential candidate said, “I pledge to the people of Egypt to fully review the evidence against the killers of the martyrs and those who attacked and wounded the victims of the revolution since its launch and until now.

“We have to find the money for medicine, because it is as necessary as air and water. We cannot let 12% of Egyptians suffer from liver disease.”

Furthermore, Dr. Morsi said that Egyptians – especially the people of Port Said – will not allow anyone to come to power through fraud.

“I believe the people of Port Said are more intelligent and alert and aware than some imagine. I remember that once the entire province was punished because the deposed tyrant was angered by its people’s resolve."

Dr. Morsi’s happens to be the only visit by a presidential candidate to this brave city, Port Said.