Beltagy: Parliament’s Key Achievements are Distorted, Vilified
Beltagy: Parliament’s Key Achievements are Distorted, Vilified
Friday, June 1,2012 21:25

Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, Secretary General of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) in Cairo, said that Egyptian parliament made several achievements in its first 100 days, especially putting an end to military trials of civilians, the disenfranchisement law banning senior old regime officials from running for office, moving 600,000 temporary workers onto full-time payrolls, setting the national maximum and minimum wages - including the salaries of Speakers of the People's Assembly and Shura Council (the two houses of Egyptian parliament), and many other significant achievements, pointing out that previous parliaments never passed such essential and vital laws in their entire history.

Beltagy further said that Dr. Mohamed Morsi announced, few days before, the active partnership of all components of society in the institution of the Presidency, including positions of Vice-Presidents, the Deputy Prime Ministers, with the participation of each according to his or her qualifications and experience.

Beltagy expressed total bafflement at those who put Dr. Morsi and General Shafiq in one basket, stressing that the Revolution’s candidate can never be equal to the Prime Minister of the ‘Camel Battle’, which claimed the lives of many honorable martyrs.

Furthermore, Beltagy called on all patriotic political players and the unsuccessful presidential candidates to back Dr. Mohamed Morsi, in order to face up to anyone who seeks to abort or subvert the revolution.