Shura Council Speaker: Gulf and Egyptian National Security are Interdependent
Shura Council Speaker: Gulf and Egyptian National Security are Interdependent
Wednesday, July 4,2012 23:03

Dr. Ahmed Fahmi, Speaker of the Shura Council, affirmed Egypt's full support for the Kingdom of Bahrain against all threats to its security and stability, pointing out that the security, stability and Arabic status of Bahrain and the Gulf region in general are red lines Egypt will not allow to be violated, and that the national security of the Gulf countries is an integral part of Egypt’s own national security, since Egypt has strong historical and cultural ties with the Gulf.

This statement came during Fahmi’s meeting with a political Bahraini delegation from the Al Menbar National Islamic Society, headed by Abdel-Latif Al-Sheikh, Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Assembly; Dr. Ali Ahmed, member of Bahrain’s House of Representatives; Saad Mohamed Abdullah; and Abdul-Aziz Al-Mir, former parliamentarians.

The Speaker of the Shura Council further added that Dr. Mohamed Morsi, President of the Republic, stressed that the unity of Arabs, and unity between Egypt and Gulf states are a fundamental pillar of Egyptian foreign policy in the coming stage. Dr. Fahmi also assured that Egypt does not accept intervention by any country in the internal affairs of Gulf states.

Meanwhile, the Bahraini delegation pointed that the relations between Egypt and the Kingdom of Bahrain are indeed historical ties of great importance, based on communication and friendship between the two countries, as well as Arab common interests, for the benefit of better dealing with issues relating to Arab and Muslim nations.