Erian and Barr: National Salvation Front Bears Responsibility for Halting Referendum by Force
Erian and Barr: National Salvation Front Bears Responsibility for Halting Referendum by Force
Friday, December 14,2012 22:47

 Dr. Essam El-Erian, Vice-Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), said: "It's totally absurd that the National Salvation Front (NSF) blame the elected President for his opponents’ violence in Alexandria Friday, claiming that holding the referendum as scheduled is the cause of protesters laying siege to Al-Qaed Ibrahim mosque and its Imam Sheikh Mahalawi inside it since the Friday prayer at midday".

Al-Qaed Ibrahim mosque is the scene of an ongoing siege by groups of paid thugs and rogue revolutionaries who threw stones and Molotov cocktails at the mosque, worshippers and the renowned imam Sheikh Ahmed Mahalawi who for long decades suffered unjust jail sentences under the Mubarak regime for fighting the corruption and oppression of the ousted tyrant.

Erian pointed that the latest NSF statement condemns the Front and plainly lays the blame for the criminal violence on the NSF because of its endeavors to prevent the referendum "by any means" as its leaders announced earlier.

Erian demanded the NSF withdraw its latest statement and apologize for it.

Dr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Barr, member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Guidance Bureau, demanded the Interior Minister and Alexandria Security Chief go out to tell people the truth about what is going on right now all around Al-Qaed Ibrahim mosque of brutal intimidation, blockading and preventing people from performing prayers at the mosque, and attacking the mosque's imam, 88-year old Sheikh Mahalawi's and worshippers.

Dr. Barr warned thugs against attacking mosques, the houses of God – the places of worship and symbols of the nation, calling for Sheikh Mahalawi’s supporters to exercise self-restraint so as not to give thugs an opportunity to create chaos and burn Egypt.