FJP’s Ahmed Diab: Egyptians Proved to the World Resolve to Reclaim Revolution
FJP’s Ahmed Diab: Egyptians Proved to the World Resolve to Reclaim Revolution
Saturday, August 31,2013 19:34

Dr. Ahmed Diab, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Secretary, praised the patriotic, proud and free Egyptian people, who prove to the whole world every day that they are not intimidated by despotic tyrants’ threats or bloody putschists’ terror.

In a statement, Diab said great millions of revolutionaries in huge waves of peaceful protests thundered through all the liberty squares and streets of Egypt, growing stronger every day as they expand and include more diverse segments of society and political colors.

He added that these masses of patriotic citizens confirm that the Egyptian people are indeed endeavoring to reclaim their revolution, and that they are determined to defeat the coup, oust the putschists, restore legitimacy and complete the revolution.

"Egyptian people will honor the blood of their sons, the martyrs. They will remain steadfast on the path drawn out by the blood of those loved ones, until they exact retribution against those who killed them, completed the march, and achieve their dream of building a free country. They sacrificed their lives in order for us to live proudly in this homeland, a modern state of freedom, social justice and human dignity.

"I pay tribute to these great people of Egypt, on this blessed day. They gave a shining example in driving the Revolution, which will triumph over the putschists very soon, peaceful without weakness, and forceful without violence."