Freedom and Justice Party Condemns Security Forces Storming Al-Azhar University Dormitory
Freedom and Justice Party Condemns Security Forces Storming Al-Azhar University Dormitory
Thursday, November 21,2013 19:05

Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) held the coup leaders, especially General Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi and his interior minister, fully responsible for the bloody events in Al-Azhar University’s dormitory on Wednesday evening (November 20, 2013), killing one student, injuring dozens and arresting many others.

The FJP denounced the coup’s security assault on female students of Al-Azhar University during a peaceful morning march to Al-Azhar institute, and the arrest of a number of them amid heavy barrages of tear-gas bombs to disperse them.

The FJP stressed that storming the dormitory with armored police and military vehicles, and firing live bullets, birdshots and tear-gas bombs into masses of students in a peaceful rally, indicates the coup is over-reacting, exceeding all limits in dealing with protesters who reject the military coup and demand the return of legitimacy.

The FJP believes that the putschists, with these senseless acts of violence, are trying to divert attention from their failure to bring security to Egyptians and to protect our troops in Sinai - where repeated incidents confirm coup complicity.

The FJP stresses that the coup forces’ barbarism and brutality against peaceful demonstrators make them more determined to complete their march to end the bloody military coup – and no killings or arrests will stop them.

The FJP demands the resignation of Al-Azhar University’s president for his stance towards these shameful events and his banning of demonstrations on campus and suspension of the elected student unions’ activities.

The FJP affirms that this stance by Al-Azhar University’s president is an explicit authorization for the spilling of more students’ blood, as he moves more clearly into the putschists’ trenches.

The FJP further affirms that the blood of all those killed and injured in Al-Azhar is the responsibility of Al-Azhar’s Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, and Dr. Osama Al-Abd, head of Al-Azhar University.