Pro-Democracy National Alliance: Successive Waves of Peaceful Resistance will Continue Till Triumph
Pro-Democracy National Alliance: Successive Waves of Peaceful Resistance will Continue Till Triumph
Tuesday, January 21,2014 05:36

 To all the loyal revolutionary Egyptian people...

The fascist putschists may give speeches and issue statements every day. They may continue to summon Mubarak's gang back to life, and commit more feverishly to foreign enemy agendas. This will not change the reality on the ground. The coup has no legitimacy. Falsehood will not establish anything. Its processes are all null and void. Mubarak's judges cannot grant indulgences or false credentials to the junta's sham referendum.

To the steadfast hero, the legitimate President Mohamed Morsi... and to all those held hostage in junta jails and detention camps:

The people salute and support you. We have not forgotten you. We never will. We are confident that vengeful flawed trials will not break you. Your steadfastness, your strikes and your raging revolutionary spirit in those dark cells fuel the Revolution in all liberty squares. Your trials are all about the hijacked homeland. The Revolution will do justice to all the oppressed, even after a while.

To all young revolutionary men and women of Egypt... and the student movement...

We pledge that we will fulfil your hopes, honor your great sacrifices, and achieve your expectations. We will reclaim the January 25 Revolution and its gains from the traitors behind the setback.

In the coming days, dedicate your efforts and actions to the Revolution not partisan interests, to the homeland, not individual entities or organizations. Our strength lies in our unity. Victory is for the homeland first, and then for all citizens.

To all loyal revolutionary men and women of Egypt...

Know that the next revolutionary wave, to recover the January 25 Revolution, will be a long powerful one, right in the heart of Cairo. We will not let the murderers and their ilk rest or relax. So, prepare yourselves and continue your revolutionary escalation with more creativity, devotion, ingenuity and mounting civil resistance.

We will meet on January 25.

Freedom, retribution, independence…

Allah is Great... Down with the regime: the generals, corrupt judiciary and the treacherous media.

Long live Egypt, independent, with its revolutionary youth...

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: January 20, 2014