Pro-Democracy National Alliance Hails Continued Peaceful Defiance Across Egypt
Pro-Democracy National Alliance Hails Continued Peaceful Defiance Across Egypt
Saturday, May 10,2014 13:47

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance's statement to all the loyal revolutionary Egyptian people...

Revolutionary Egypt is forging forward on the path of freedom and democracy with all strength, pride and determination, undistracted by the traitorous murderer who collaborates with his masters in the White House, Tel Aviv and the European Union, while he promises Egyptians poverty, subservience, oppression and fear, as he lives the illusion of transforming this homeland into a private fiefdom for his militant corrupt cronies who rushed to grab the country's resources and top posts.

The National Alliance hails the ever-growing political defiance action and is carefully considering the positive initiatives to restore the January 25 Revolution and the democratic path. The Alliance solemnly appreciates the continued action on the ground throughout Egypt, and calls on all revolutionary men and women to join a huge effort in the second week of the third revolutionary wave, against the proposed illegitimate presidential elections.

Your continuous revolutionary action is foiling the plots of the mad military junta and the Zionists' candidate. The increasing seriousness and popularity of your boycott of the forthcoming sham presidential elections is driving the treasonous putschists right off the rails.

Do escalate your peaceful protest action with your accumulated experience in non-violence and ingenuity, according to the situations and conditions on the ground. Urge all Egyptians to boycott the farcical 'show' election meant to put America's agent in Egypt's top post, over the dead bodies of patriotic Egyptians. Burn the flags of the enemies of democracy, and raise high the Egyptian flag, Rabaa resilience posters and pictures of the legitimate elected President Morsi – still held hostage – as well as all political detainees.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: May 8, 2014