National Alliance Statement Hails Popular Response in 'Terrorism, a Coup Product' Protest Week
National Alliance Statement Hails Popular Response in 'Terrorism, a Coup Product' Protest Week
Saturday, February 21,2015 08:39

We solemnly praise the men and women of the Revolution who answered the call to protests despite the bad weather and the military junta's continued repression and murder. We affirm – at these critical moments for Egypt and her neighboring countries – that the Revolution and its free men and women will stand steadfast in all streets and squares of raging Egypt, protesting in the face of an illegitimate coup regime that has already killed and jailed all the heroes of resistance and perseverance.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance mourns the martyr who was killed today (Friday) by the murderer Al-Sisi's heinous militias resilient Matareya, at the beginning of the revolutionary week entitled 'Terrorism, a Coup Product'. The Alliance assures that failed general Al-Sisi's continuing policy of fabricating crises and conflicts with neighboring countries, while ignoring the Egyptians' escalating problems, will not succeed in distracting the people. The day of treasonous Al-Sisi's end is coming no doubt.

The recently leaked audio recordings uncover murderous Al-Sisi's and his gang's secrets, and reveal that the gang has foreign tentacles which include Dahlan and Haftar, and show how all of them are proficient traders of death and murder for the peoples of the Arab World, just for a coveted share of the billions of dollars they are looting from Gulf states. More importantly, those leaks show how the traitorous gang carries out instructions from their colonial masters abroad to cut up this region, something which Egyptians and all Arabs must be aware of.

The murderer Al-Sisi and his heinous junta moved and acted – under dubious cover of the pro-coup media and military maneuvers, exploiting popular anger for the spilling of Egyptian blood abroad, only for fear of losing those billions of dollars and the illegitimate power that enables them to loot and steal, and brings Egyptians nothing poverty and oppression.

Everyone knows that, inside Egypt, the murderous military junta never held its gang to task when it killed Sondos Abu-Bakr and Shaimaa Al-Sabbagh, or the martyrs of the White Knights football fans. The coup gang never sought to safeguard the rights of the martyrs of the January 25 Revolution. Instead, they exonerated Mubarak of their murder, and today (Friday) killed, injured and maimed many Egyptians. This, certainly, makes the continuation of the Revolution the duty of the time, especially in the dark shadows of the coup regime's failed policies, both inside Egypt and abroad.

The success of the Revolution will rid Egypt and the Arab World of the evils of all military coups and heinous plots spreading from Egypt to Libya and Yemen, like a cancer growing ferociously, instigating horrid civil wars.

Down with Al-Sisi, the real murderous terrorist

God save Egypt from the evils of the coup

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Friday – February 20, 2015