PRESS RELEASE: Illegitimate verdicts passed in 'Presidential Palace' case
PRESS RELEASE: Illegitimate verdicts passed in 'Presidential Palace' case
Tuesday, April 21,2015 16:00

To the great people of Egypt, to the people who revolted for ‘bread, freedom, justice and human dignity’ since the 25th of January Revolution until now. To the people who lived in true freedom for 30 months, experienced human dignity after the revolution, and elected a civilian president for the first time in Egypt’s modern history.

Your freely elected president today is being punished for his steadfastness and persistence to uphold the 25th of January Principles and his strong refusal to let go any of the achievements of the revolution. President Mohamed Morsi was honest, both with himself and with you when he said in his famous statement that “My life is at stake for the protection of legitimacy.” And here we are, saying to the world that we will put our lives at stake for the protection of our Egypt, our Revolution, and our righteous Martyrs.
Here he is, President Morsi, being inaugurated as the leader of the Egyptian Revolution as he truly deserves it with his steadfastness and clear sightedness of how to protect the Revolution and how to keep it alive in all our souls till this day until all its aims are fulfilled. He did this with complete indifference to the consequences this will bring upon him.
This illegitimate verdict that was forced through by the illegitimate authorities in Egypt will not be overlooked by the revolutionaries. Those responsible for the verdict will be held accountable for taking part in this crime. Today’s illegitimate verdict will fuel the revolutionaries further to resist military rule in Egypt as they have been resisting over the past 22 months.
The illegitimate court and verdict against the President of the largest country in the Arab world should not be overlooked. Instead, it should be met with strong stances and practical measures should be taken against it for if this crime against the people of Egypt is ignored, its fire will affect all. 
We are committed to the end in our Revolution, until the coup succumbs and the counter-revolution is defeated. We say, with regret, that these crimes and violations from the illegitimate authorities forces the Egyptian youth to resort to violence and disbelieve in peaceful struggle and all forms of political life. The Egyptian youth have found their fathers, mothers and siblings between martyrs, the injured, detained, displaced, pursued and raped and the world remains silent before these outrageous violations and the destruction of democracy that Egyptians experienced after the 25th of January Revolution.
Mr President, we believe that the unjust verdict will only increase your persistence and steadfastness and we take oath that we will continue on the path of the revolution, and that the revolution will not die for the lives of martyrs provide us with energy to continue until we are victorious, and the military is back to its barracks, and all criminals are brought to justice.
Victory to the revolution.
Glory to the martyrs.
Freedom to the detained.
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