Letter from Egyptian Whose Son Disappeared 1000 Days Ago to Italian Student Regeni's Mother
Letter from Egyptian Whose Son Disappeared 1000 Days Ago to Italian Student Regeni's Mother
Thursday, April 7,2016 04:43

 I listened to you as you demanded retribution from those who tortured your son Giulio Regeni to death in Egypt, and I shared the pain you felt inside, the pain I felt for exactly one thousand days to-date.

I offer you my sincerest condolences for the loss of your son in this horrific and inhumane way, and I share your sorrow and pain. I certainly envy your courage in your demands. I envy the attention your government is paying to your case. Although seeing your son the way you did was no doubt extremely painful, at least you know his fate, and now seek justice to give you closure and cool the fire of your heart with fair and prompt punishment to his killers.

I, as well as hundreds of mothers in Egypt who are in the same position like me, wish I'd have my son, even wrapped in white clothes soaked in his innocent blood; or see him before the prosecutor, even if signs of torture were visible on his beautiful face; or be with him, even if they hauled him to the gallows as they did with many other innocent youths.

Indeed, I wish the media would talk about my son's case in my country, so my fellow Egyptians would learn of his tragic fate instead of accusing me of lying, doubling my suffering; or at least the public prosecutor would show interest in the case like the Italian judiciary did as they demanded the truth and punishment for the criminals.

Mrs Regeni...

We, I and hundreds of suffering mothers in Egypt, assure you that our hearts are with you. We stand by your side in steadfast solidarity. Unfortunately, this is all we can do. We assure you that your son's case is our case. If the truth in the case of your son Giulio is uncovered, it will help us all restore our children's and our own rights. The day you wrest your son's rights, a heavy burden will be laid off our hearts and minds.

The mother of Amr Ibrahim Metwalli – Subjected to enforced disappearance in Egypt since July 8, 2013