Egypt Alliance Denounces Oppression in "Down with Disgrace and Shame Junta" Peaceful Protest Week
Egypt Alliance Denounces Oppression in
Friday, September 9,2016 12:53
Every day, it becomes clearer that the floundering Sisi is a pure disgrace and a dark shame in Egypt's history, and that no matter how long he stays in power, he will achieve nothing.

It was a shame when in the G20 summit Sisi the traitor stood in a most humiliating clip where he clearly waited servilely for a handshake gesture that was not only self-deprecating, but indeed most degrading for all Egyptians.

This is what makes us urgently appeal to each patriotic citizen to join our raging protests that has gone forth non-stop for more than three years, to save Egypt from the coup, the junta that did not, and will not, bring this homeland any solutions or progress.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance follows closely the repercussions of the crimes and atrocities Sisi is committing against Egypt's poor and low-income people, and the continuation of his coup regime in the militarization of everything across the homeland, even baby milk and the Ministry of Supply.

The Alliance calls for continued rejection of the absurd price rises, the Monetary Fund loan and the militarization of this country, in a new week of non-violent protests titled "Down with the Disgrace and Shame Junta", as part of the revolutionary wave "Leave".

The Alliance congratulates all Egyptians and the legitimate President Mohamed Morsi on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, calling for attention to the poor and families of prisoners and martyrs, especially with the approach of special Eid times and the start of the new school year.

The Alliance will stand shoulder to shoulder with all patriotic protesters, never faltering, never fearing falsehood or repression. Our stance and endeavors in support of workers and their rights, in rejection of trying workers in military courts, in support for the oppressed, popular will and the demands of the January 2011 Revolution, to effect a real partnership that rebuilds the homeland and protects all rights and freedoms.

The coup junta continue their crimes and atrocities not only against the poor, but in the prisons as well. Their failure continues, too, not only in the economy, but against the oppressed people of proud Sinai. This is sufficient motive for all of us to close ranks and unite, to defeat the coup and to agree on arrangements for the future beyond military rule. That is the best solution to Egypt's crises. Those who respect popular will or support the rights of the poor and the oppressed, will never fail.

We stress that we listen attentively to all the comments, advice, constructive suggestions, and all feedback we get, and wish to point that although our anti-coup endeavors – continuing for more than 3 years already – need to develop, they were the best we could do amidst the demonization, arrests and systematic revenge against us. We believe that Egyptians will rise again soon in a more powerful revolution that will achieve ultimate victory against the coup junta.

Close ranks and Unite to save Egypt and all Egyptians' rights, before it is too late!

Victory for the Revolution

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

The revolutionary wave 'Leave'