Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Massacres, Ethnic Cleansing in Ghouta
Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Massacres, Ethnic Cleansing in Ghouta
Saturday, March 3,2018 23:17

 The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) strongly condemns the ongoing genocide and ethnic cleansing against the Syrian people, culminating today in the eastern Ghouta of the Syrian capital, Damascus, by the murderous dictatorial regime and with the help of the savage Russian occupation air force bombing, amid the silence of the World and the United Nations, whose reaction was limited to follow up the waves of displacement and mass exodus of tens of thousands of women, children and the elderly in a chilling scene that renders the humanity ashamed.

While appealing to the World conscience, the Muslim Brotherhood  calls upon free nations, forces of justice and peace, civil society organizations, human rights organizations, and all organizations concerned with children and women to move swiftly at the United Nations to stop these abominable massacres against the Syrian people. Such massacres do not depart far from ongoing massacres against Muslims around the world under the eyes of the International Community, from the Rohingya in Myanmar to the Uighur in China.

We pray to Allah (SWT) to protect the Syrian people and all oppressed peoples from the campaigns of genocide and machines of murder, oppression, and destruction.

Allah is greater and praise be to Allah. 

Muslim Brotherhood 

Wednesday, Jumada II 5, 1439 AH

February 21, 2017