Muslim Brotherhood Thanks Turkey for Hosting 90th Anniversary’s Gala
Muslim Brotherhood Thanks Turkey for Hosting 90th Anniversary’s Gala
Tuesday, April 3,2018 00:02

 The Muslim Brotherhood expresses its sincere thanks and appreciation to the Republic of Turkey, its leadership, its people, and its institutions, for kindly welcoming, supporting, and hosting the Muslim Brotherhood’s 90th anniversary gala, as they have saved no effort to support the event morally and financially so as to take such great shape in the presence of worldwide Islamic work symbols, who gathered around the platform of the Muslim Brotherhood, remembering its steadfastness, tenderness, and the rich experience of its founder and heroes, and who also expressed appreciation and sent greetings to , Muslim Brotherhood’s leaders, and the young men and women inside Egypt, behind bars or on the road to homeland liberation.

Muslim Brotherhood holds accountable all Islamic organizations around the world, which were once nurtured by the thought of the Muslim Brotherhood, to continue on the path of this distinguished Call with its comprehensive and moderate thought regarding all aspects of life, until Islam restores its land and the strength that protects its sanctities, and until Islam's values of justice and peace spread all across the World.  This will never be achieved except by men of strong souls and wills, who are committed to sincerity and impartiality, and follow Allah's will in His creation.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s message, with its moderation will remain persevering and effective, and the past experiences will be a leading light that enlightens the present path. 

We hope and work, both individually and collectively, so that the centennial anniversary of the Muslim Brotherhood inception will come, after ten years, and we celebrate it back again in Cairo, Damascus, and then in beloved Jerusalem.

Hassan Saleh

Media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood

15 Rajab 1439 Hejri, April 1st, 2018