A face from Clash of Civilizations
Saturday, August 26,2006 00:00
By Salih Al-Nu`ami

The Israeli opposing leader and the head of Likud Party Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to give an aura of seriousness to his warnings that he repeats daily on Israeli TV channels. His warnings are oriented to the state of occupation and to the Western governments against the dynamics of the real conflict between the Israeli part and the part of Palestinians, Lebanese and Arabs as a whole entity. He bewares against the repercussions of unawareness for the crisis. According to Netanyahu, the conflict between Israel and Arabs did not ensue because of the occupation made by the Jewish State for Arab lands however according to him; it flared due to the un-Arabian submission to the axiom that the presence of the Jewish State in the region represents the exponent of Western Civilization in Middle East. He repeated these statements shortly after the war flared between Israel and Lebanese Hezbollah Party. The opposing leader said that there is no need to waste time for forging elusive settlements, but it became persistent to mobilize power to face the Muslim and Arab World. All must prove to them that they can not face the power of West.
Netanyahu considers the support of USA to Israel is not a grant but an obligation due to the momentous role Israel plays in facing the Arab world. Netanyahu attacks Israeli politicians for their willing to give up strategically important regions for Israel in order to attain fatal peace with Arabs. Even Netanyahu’s father, the extremist historian   Professor Benzion Netanyahu, adopt the same conclusion of his son. In a broadcast program, in the Hebrew language call all decision –makers in Hebraic State to never sheathe the sword of defense in order to keep it always present in the war of civilizations. Consequently, the war will result in the depression for backward Arab in facing the enlightened West. Noteworthy that Netanyahu studied the history of Jews in Spain in the fifteenth and sixteenth century, and believes that the resolution to wage a war is not from Israel’s hands, because all wars initiated by Israel are in fact wars of defense. He alleged that the Hebraic State launched these wars as they were merely inevitable to inhibit the "Muslim Ogre" that collaborates against the state and waits for the ripe moments to demolish it. The father was inspired by Ze’ev Jabotinsky who was the founder of Herut Party that aimed revisionist Zionism where Likud party emerged from. Ze’ev Jabotinsky   who wrote his famous essay called for (Iron wall: we and Arabs) to face where he called for adopting the theory of Iron wall in order to subjugate the Arabs to admit the presence of Israel through a strong wall that inhibits Arabs against waging any war.
Professor Uzi Arad, a former senior intelligence officer and advisor to the prime minister, told Arutz Sheva Radio that that the war of civilization obligates Israel to convince the Western World to set a coalition with it in order to face the "Muslim Ogre" and Israel should devise a strategy for future, in accordance to what the Jewish American Historian Bernard Lewis said. Noteworthy that this historian were among those who heralded to the notion of the clash of civilizations. According to Arad, Israel must be prepared rather than relying on forging settlements, since these settlements were between Israel and the Arab regimes while the people of these countries did not admit the existence of Israel so far. He exemplified this in Egypt that despite the fact it was the first Arab country to forge a peace treaty with Israel, yet Egyptians are the most people who bear grudge and hatred towards Israel. Another researcher in Hertzilya Center the orientalist Gay Bakour said in an Israeli broadcast program that Israel must spare no efforts in convincing the USA to spread dissention in the Middle East and among Arab countries because dissention weakens steadfastness of the Arabs in the battle of civilizations. He pointed to the situation on Iraq and stressed on the necessity that Iraq must be divided into three countries, one as a Shiite state in south and another Sunni state in the center while a Kurdish one in the north of Iraq.