The Latest Developments In Somalia
The Latest Developments In Somalia
Sunday, July 2,2006 00:00

Islah (Reform) Movement is a national Islamic movement striving to establish a Somalian society that lives by Islamic teachings and is based on brotherhood principles, equality and justice. Islah Movement adopts an approach based on dialogue and persuasion to reach the hoped for goals. It refuses adopting any form of violence, so it did not assume any direct or indirect role in the civil war.

Due to the great challenges that Somalia faces, the movement announces in the light of the latest developments that:

1-     The movement believes in national reconciliation, dialogue and non-violence as the only methods to solve the Somalian problem.

2-      Striving to stop shedding Somalian blood and resisting all of its grounds.

3-      We call the officials of federal government and Islamic Courts Union in Banader to start a direct dialogue and avoid anything threatening the reconciliation.

4-      We invite the Federal government to react positively with current developments and work for establishing national accord pillars throughout the nation taking into consideration that establishing national accord has priority over begging for foreign troops.

5-      The Movement sees the necessity of community participation in good endeavors and the necessity of establishing peace among Somalian People, stopping the civil war, or even stirring it up.




After the participation of Dr Mohamed Ali Ibrahim- a previous member of the movement- in the Islamic Courts delegation to Sudan to hold talks in Khartoum with the interim government officials, The movement announces that:

1-     Dr Mohamed Ali Ibrahim is not a member of the Islah Movement. He does not represent it and has no authority to speak on behalf of the movement.

2-      The Movement has no affiliated court. Moreover, the Movement is not a part of Islamic Courts Union.

3-     Islah Movement is a peaceful not armed movement and did not take any part in the Somalia civil war.

4-      We welcome and appreciate the talks scheduled to be held in Khartoum  between the government officials and Islamic Courts and we hope that these efforts will be fruitful.

5-     We support all mediation endeavors between the interim government and Islamic Courts. We also support anyone contributing to national reconciliation establishment.

6-     The movement urges the federal government, Islamic Courts and civil society to help activate the administration of Banader district.

7-     It also calls upon the international community, especially the neighboring countries to support the Somalian interim government, supporting the completion of national reconciliation, reconstruct the state and establish institutions along with respecting the community’s religion and state sovereignty.


Ibrahim Al-Dosok
Islah Movement Spokesman