Group of Egyption women call for release of their husbands
Group of Egyption women call for release of their husbands
Wednesday, June 21,2006 00:00
By Eman Abd Monem

In a first step of its kind, group of women gathered at the premises of the National Council for Human Rights, and a delegation of them headed for the office of Council Head Dr. Botros Ghali calling for the release of their husbands.
They also claimed material and moral reparations for the periods their husbands and other political detainees spent in prison without charges.
The women delegation related accounts to Dr. Ghali on their agonies and other families’ whose breadwinners are still behind bars.
Dr. Ghali hailed the role of these women in defending their husbands, affirming that the council seconds their appeals for release of all the detainees who were in support of the judges. For his part, Councilor Mokhles Qotb, the council deputy chairman, affirmed that the council will take the case to the media asking for support of the public opinion.
However, Qotb said that the council is just a watchdog and has no authority to provide a practical solution but it can send these appeals to the media.
In a special statement, the legal advisor of the wives of detainees said that what the women did today is an official report to the council, asserting that the wives of detainees will also take the case to the attorney general, followed by a third one to the state security prosecution to call for releasing their husbands and even all the detainees without charges.