Muslim Brotherhood Statement on the Recent Israeli Crimes
Muslim Brotherhood Statement on the Recent Israeli Crimes
Saturday, June 10,2006 00:00
By Ikhwanweb

Amid a state of Arab weakness, international silence, and American connivance; the [Israeli] crimes continue against the Palestinian people who stand restive in defense of its land and rights.

The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) assassinated Gamal Abu Samahdana, the Palestinian Interior ministry official along with three others in an air raid in Gaza strip.

Yesterday, the occupation forces committed a new massacre by indiscriminately targeting a group of civilians including women and children, who were in a picnic in a Gaza beach, while another air raid targeted a civilian car in Bait Lahia and a third one north of Gaza.

This unprovoked criminal act, which was fully backed by Washington, must be countered with the strongest condemnation and deterrence and a swift action by all official and popular forces to stop such horrific crimes on innocent civilians

As the Israeli Occupation Forces continue its crimes, amid Palestinian steadfastness, there are attempts to circumvent the will of the of the Palestinian people in quest of wasting what is left of their rights as well as driving a wedge among Palestinians themselves.

The Muslim Brotherhood reiterates the constants of the Palestinian issue, foremost among which is that no inch of Palestinian land be abandoned. Given that Palestine embraces a great part of the Muslims’ Holy Land; it is not an issue of the Palestinians alone, but it is also an issue for all Arabs and Muslims. . . offering required sacrifices and supporting the Palestinian people materially and morally . . .

The Arab and Muslim governments have to open doors for the people in their countries to do their duty toward their Palestinian brethren who are ready to offer all sacrifices out of belief that the sacrifices and martyrdom is the price to be paid for the liberation of all the Holy Land and restoration of rights.
God has all Power on all affairs but most people know not "

Mohammed Mahdi Akef
Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood

Israeli Massacre in Gaza


Photo of the day

Some of those injured in the latest Israeli massacre in the Gaza Strip. Ten people were killed and 40 injured in four IOF attacks on different parts of the Gaza Strip on Friday 9 June 2006. At least three children and two women were amongst the dead.

The bodies of 14-year-old , Sabrine Ghalia, right, her broter Haitham, 1, and her 18-month-old sister Hanidi, left, are seen before the funeral of six members of the Ghalia family in the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Lahiya Saturday June 10, 2006. They were killed by an Israeli army artillery shell while on beach pinic Friday.

Palestinian sister Huda Ghalia, center, is comforted during the funeral for her parents and siblings in Beit Lahiya, in the northern Gaza Strip, Saturday, June 10, 2006. They were killed by an Israeli army artillery shell while on beach picnic Friday and Palestinian officials said seven people were killed with the Ghalia family losing six members, among them the father, one of his two wives, an infant boy and an 18-month-old girl