Egyptian Parliamentarians Against Corruption
Tuesday, March 7,2006 00:00
By Ikhwanweb
Two of the Muslim Brotherhood, Essam el-Arian, a former MP, and Muhammad el-Katateny, the chief of the group’s bloc in the parliament, joined the organization of ’Egyptian Parliamentarians against Corruption’ which includes several ongoing and former members of parliament. The organization aims at decreasing the corruption that engulfs Egypt, according to various world reports.
The instituting meeting of the organization was attended by the MPs Hamden Sabahy and Georgette Kaleen, the former parliamentarians Hosam el-Badrawy and Monir Fakery Abdel Nour, the member of the National Democratic Party’s Political Committee Jihad Oda, and the professor of the Criminal Law Seleman Abdel Monam.
In its instituting meeting, Essam el-Arian underlined the importance of cooperation in face of the growing corruption penetrating society to protect the nation’s wealth and to fight the intimidating policies applied by the corrupt individuals
Participants stressed that parliaments are the ’political lung’ for most Arab states; therefore, MPs are the most qualified to combat corruption which can not be eradicated without real application of provisions of law, segregation of powers, and popular participation. 
In fact, this organization is the Egyptian affiliation of the ’Arab Parliamentarians against Corruption,’ established in Beirut and chaired by Dr. Nasser el-Sakh, a Kuwait lawmaker.