Brotherhood’s MPs Introduce Bill on Imprisonment of Journalists
Monday, February 27,2006 00:00
By (Ikhwan web)
The Muslim Brotherhood’s bloc in the parliament asserted its intention to introduce a bill on prevention of opinion-related imprisonment of journalists.
In its statement on Friday, the bloc voiced its concern over the year-imprisonment sentence made against Abdel Nasser el-Zehary, a journalist of al-Misery al-Yaom daily. In addition, Abdel Nasser and two journalists are fined 10.001 pounds in an opinion case in which the ex-minister of housing is the second party.  
The bloc stressed its opposition to the imprisonment of journalists because it stifles the freedom of __expression and hinders endeavors to spot corruption.
In the outgoing parliament, the Muslim Brotherhood’s bloc proposed a draft law to prevent imprisonment of journalists but the government of the National Democratic Party resisted its enactment. The statement, moreover, said the bloc will reintroduce the bill making its best, in cooperation with other honest MPs, to pass it.
The bloc welcomed any motions suggested by journalists helping the opinion-related imprisonment to be abolished