Court Upholds Freeze on MB Assets
Court Upholds Freeze on MB Assets
Thursday, March 1,2007 18:25

Cairo Criminal Court headed by Counselor Adel Abdel Salam, upheld the Prosecutor General decision to freeze assets of 29 MB leaders and their families and rejected their appeal to overturn the decision.

The harsh decision by the court did not put into consideration that several families" lives will be disrubted not only because they lost their caregivers and loved ones to prison cells but also they now have to scramble to find financial support for their kids to survive and go to schools.  

Tension rose inside the courtroom when family members and press as well as several members of the defence teams were blocked from entery, a decision that prompted a sit in by Khairat el Shater, MB deputy leader, and other MB detainees outside the court to protest the decision. 

Attorny Safwat al Demeree described the court ruling as injust and defies all the international treaties and laws. He stated to Ikhwanweb that the Egyptian regime continues to violate human rights of its citizens and is determined to crush any peaceful opposition that might threaten its grip on power as it did with Ayman Nour and Talaat el Sadat who are in prison.