Head of Jordan’s MB: Vote Boycott Under Discussion
Head of Jordan’s MB: Vote Boycott Under Discussion
Monday, April 30,2007 17:10
By ikhwanWeb
Salem Falahat, the secretary general of the Muslim Brotherhood group in Jordan said that the group hasn"t made up its mind yet regarding its attitude towards the next parliamentary elections and that boycotting the elections is under discussion especially under current atmosphere.
Regarding the attitude towards the parliamentary elections, Falahat said:" The attitude towards the parliamentary elections hasn"t been decided yet; the last party"s Consultation Council meeting did not settle this issue; there are conflicting views towards the elections. The current political atmosphere doesn"t not encourage any one to participate in the elections; there is a strong view inside the group and the party that sees that participating in the next elections under these unsuitable conditions won"t likely bring in a strong parliament; however, this hasn"t been settled yet and it is still under study; there are sharp differences inside the Islamic movement regarding participating in the elections .
Ikhwanweb: Is the group mulling boycotting the elections?
Salem Falahat: Of course, the elections is still swinging inside the group between boycotting and participation; the options are still open and they will be settled soon.
Ikhwanweb: What about Municipal Elections?
Salem Falahat: The Islamic Action Front Party has been assigned with this task and it formed a committee to study nominations of regions according to which it will decide; there is still no decision over the size of this participation .
Ikhwanweb: What about the size of participation in the parliamentary elections?
Salem Falahat: There are many differences; some call for boycotting and some call for a symbolic participation through fielding a few number of candidates. There is also an option of participating with a number which is bigger than the symbolic participation; which is ruled out is participating according to the actual size of the group.
Ikhwanweb: What about the relation with the Jordanian government; is there any new indication?
Salem Falahat: The current government has a duty to do regarding the parliamentary and municipal elections. We assume that the government, after this long period of time in office, should correct itself and move towards the right course in order to do these duties; however, it is putting many hurdles in front of this duty and is ending its last days in office with a negative impression; it is seemingly seeking elections that lack any life, any spirit and any politician; it fabricates fake information, ideas and polls to deceitfully show that the Jordanian people is keen on holding parliamentary elections and that the citizen does not trust any political party and doesn"t trust any person with a political activity.
These analyses that the government is fabricating aim at deceitfully showing that the Islamic parties and movement lost their public rating among the Jordanian public, and that this public rating became in favour of the government; But has the government really gained people"s confidence?; has this taken place through raising fuel prices and enacting legislations that restricts all sides and forcing citizens into using high-priced kinds?
The main question is if parties have lost according to government claims, has the government gained?; why hasn"t the government done nothing towards the election law although several sections of the Jordanian society including official sections reject this-single-vote-single-candidate law; this government has promised to change this law but it has broken this and other promises; the government commits a mistaken when it tries to mobilize people against the political movement in the country.
Ikhwanweb: Do you demand an interim government to hold the elections?.
Salem Falahat: We demand a change in mentality. Many governments have changed but the method is still the same; what we seek is a change into a logical thinking and reconsidering the political work in Jordan.