IUK: We Oppose Separation of Iraqi Kurdistan
IUK: We Oppose Separation of Iraqi Kurdistan
Thursday, May 3,2007 00:59
Islamic Union of Kurdistan: We Oppose Separation of Iraqi Kurdistan

The Islamic Union of Kurdistan is the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Iraqi Kurdistan and is the third axis in the map of this region. Although it isn’t that deep rooted in the history of the region, but it managed to establish its presence beside the historical leaders, Talabani and Barzani.
To know the attitude of the Islamic Union of Kurdistan towards issues of separating Iraqi Kurdistan from the home country Iraq and its attitude towards the US occupation, Ikhwanweb holds this interview with Salahuddin Bahauddin, the secretary-general of the Islamic Union of Kurdistan .
Ikhwanweb: Iraq is currently witnessing a fierce sectarian crisis between the Shiites and the Sunnis; what is the attitude of the Islamic Union of Kurdistan towards this war; what is the optimum method for stopping Iraqi bloodshed?
Salahuddin Bahauddin: Iraq is facing various crisis due to the collapse of its institutions and replacing them with administrative, political and psychological vacuum, in addition to running the situation with mentality of an authority which is full of a retaliatory spirit and on a method of sectarian and ethnic divisions. This authority only deepen wounds due to wrong actions and wrong reactions; the political authority didn"t manage to eliminate the crisis and save country; the opposition also that adopted the military actions involved the country, specially Sunni regions, in an unequal war with Americans; the region became an arena for settling scores between America and parties that oppose it.
Ikhwanweb:Does the Islamic Union of Kurdistan has any role in this regard?
Salahuddin Bahauddin: The Islamic Union of Kurdistan sees that there should be a divorce from any sectarian or ethnic affiliation to adopt a national project for a future which is free of any foreign occupation, a future which is based on Iraqi national and patriotic politicians.
The Islamic Union of Kurdistan was the first one to reject this ethnic and sectarian affiliations and it ran for elections of Dec, 15, 2005, with an independent slate. It sacrificed a lot to remain in this method because it still believes in it and is supporting every complete national project that guarantees rights of every citizen for being a citizen not for any other considerations.
Ikhwanweb: What is the attitude of the Islamic Union of Kurdistan towards the issue of dividing Iraq; do you support the separation of Iraqi Kurdistan?
Salahuddin Bahauddin: The Islamic Union of Iraq support the unity of Iraq within a parliamentary federal system; it distinguishes between separation, division and federalism; we support federalism and don"t support separation or division.
Ikhwanweb:What is the nature of relation between the Islamic Union of Kurdistan and president of Iraqi Kurdistan,  Masood Al-Barazani, does the Islamic Union have any role in ruling Iraqi Kurdistan?
Salahuddin Bahauddin: Our relations are good with the president of the region and its government institutions; we have two ministers in the government; we have 9 MPs in the Kurdish national council (parliament); we also have one minister in Baghdad government and have five MPs in the Iraqi House of Representatives.
But the system of rule in this region is, like other regimes in the area, is still controlled by two big parties ( the Democratic Party and the National Union) while other parties, including the Islamic Union of Kurdistan, participate in the government not in the rule.
Ikhwanweb: What is the attitude of the Islamic Union of Kurdistan towards the US occupation forces?
Salahuddin Bahauddin: The Islamic Union of Kurdistan didn"t support and won"t support the US occupation; however, the fall of the previous regime was an Iraqi necessity, but it didn"t fall, unfortunately, with purely Iraqi hands.
Ikhwanweb: What is your view for solving the Iraqi crisis? Will US troop withdrawal be sufficient for ending the crisis?
Salahuddin Bahauddin: The Iraqi crisis is complicated nowadays; the occupation troop pullout isn"t the only solution; the best solution is a gradual and scheduled pullout with increasing the Iraqi forces and enabling them to receive the security and sovereign files.
Ikhwanweb: Do you think that Iran is a main player in the Iraqi crisis and that it supports Iraqi Shiites to serve Iran"s targets and aspirations in the region?
Salahuddin Bahauddin: Yes, Iran is a big country and it has influence, interests, greeds and fears in Iraq; there will be no stability in Iraq except with reassuring the Iranians and defusing the controlling fear that Iraq will be a launching pad for striking it, and consequently preventing them from any intervention.
Ikhwanweb: What about the humanitarian and social roles carried out by the Islamic Union of Kurdistan in the Kurdish arenas?
Salahuddin Bahauddin: The Islamic Union of Kurdistan managed, thank God, in a very critical and serious period in the history of our Kurdish people, to preserve since 1999 the Islamic Identity of our people; this was carried out through dozens of media, humanitarian, youth, educational and feminist organizations and centers on the basis of the values of a moderate Islam  and a reformist method to correct mistakes of the past and deal with issues of the moment.
The Kurdish people have, thank God and due this correct method, hundreds of mosques and religious institutions that helps distinguish between right Islam and wrong concepts, extremist and superstitious exercises