State Security Arrest, Torture Son Of Dakahlia Detainee
State Security Arrest, Torture Son Of Dakahlia Detainee
Tuesday, May 29,2007 19:47
While the state security forces were detaining political analyst Abdul Rahman Salem in Dakahlia in the crackdown that included a number of supporters of MB candidates on May, 22, 2007, the state security officer attacked his family and intimidated women. This made his son Mohamed Abdul Rahman Salem, a student in the Faculty of Engineering Mansoura University, defend his brothers and his mother and stop in the officer who beat and insulted him and left him with  a bundle of threats. Mohamed thought it all ended at this point.
On the following day, May, 23, 2007, while returning home in the village of Dangway Shirbin, he was stunned by three security bullies who beat him and took him to the state security headquarters in the city of Shirbin. As soon as he reached, tortures started. He was handcuffed using iron till they swelled and he was hanged and beaten, not to mention descriptoion of the beating and torture.
The tortures asked him to insult himself and saying bad names like "" I am a woman, I am son of a bitch, I ...................... ). This made torture increase by the passage of time. Torture started from 11.00Am to 12.00 PM nonstop and without giving him and food or drink and even denying him the toilet.
Unable to bear this size of torture, Mohamed fainted and fell on the ground. Then they took him to officer called Amr Al Zohairi, in order to interrogate, beat and torture him.
Then, they sized all the money with him and threw him in the street after midnightl.