More Detentions in Monofiya
More Detentions in Monofiya
Wednesday, June 6,2007 11:49
By S.Abadi

Egyptian state security forces arrested on Tuesday evening a number Muslim Brotherhood members from the constituency of Quasna and Birket El-Sab, Monofiya, from villages of Al Agaeza, Hureen, Shantana Al-Hagar, district of Birket El-Sab and Quasna, Monofiya.
The detainees are:
Ibrahim Abul Magd Al Saadawi – from Shantana Al-Hagar ( released later by prosecution)
Bayyoumi Tantawi Bayyoumi, teacher
Ahmad Omar Hashim, a student in the Faculty of Commerce (released later because he is currently doing end-of-year exams.
Ahmed Sobhi Al Shafie, a student in the Faculty of Education
Mahmoud Salah, a student in the faculty of social service, from village of Al Agaeza, district of Quasna
Mahmoud Al Shabrawi, a teacher
Hajji Youssef Rahma, 70 years old ex-GM, from village of Hureen, district of Birket El-Sab
Hamdi Shawqi Ramadan, owns a barbers"
Ahmed Abdul Rahman Al Sabagh, a production manager in a clothes factory
Shahin Abu Shahin, a painter
Also detained were 4 others from the district of Ashmun which doesn"t have a Muslim Brotherhood candidate in the Shura elections:
 Dr. Sabri Moawad, physician, from Ashmun
 Eng. Mahrous Assaf, engineer from Ashmun
Sheikh Al-Sayyed Al-Haj, a principal in Azhar institute, from Al Qanatrin
Ahmed Saif, owns a glasses shop, from Ashmun