Lebanon’s Islamic Group: Fatah Islam Tied To Syrian Agenda
Lebanon’s Islamic Group: Fatah Islam Tied To Syrian Agenda
Thursday, July 5,2007 22:10

A new conflict has erupted in the Lebanese territories between the Fatah Islam group and the Lebanese security forces, claiming many lives from both sides in the sporadic clashes around Nahr El-Bared refugee camp.
Security sources stated that the confrontations erupted between both parties after several armed elements of the Fatah Islam group tried to rob a bank in the town of Amion , southeast of Tripoli .
Regarding the Lebanese Islamic Group"s attitude, Ibrahim Al-Masri, the deputy Secretary-General of the Islamic Group in Lebanon, said in a statement to Ikhwanweb that:" The Islamic group sees this conflict as absurd and unjustified. Reports say that this group has been introduced to the Lebanese arena to carry out a security role which isn"t related to the Palestinian cause. This group penetrated into borders and was centered in Nahr Al-Bared camp after wandered in all Palestinian camps based on the Lebanese territories. We were informed that the Lebanese security forces plans to end the crisis through military means. We call on the Lebanese army to avoid shedding the blood of civilians because the Palestinian civilians aren"t responsible for a group living among them.
When asked whether Fatah Islam adopts Al-Qaeda ideology, Al-Masri said:
This group doesn"t have a specific ideology although it bears Islamic slogans. It came from the Syrian lands as its leader was jailed for three years in Syria and was released ad he entered the Lebanese lands and with a group of non-Lebanese group. This group may be affected by Al-Qaeda ideology and may have relations with it. However, the Lebanese security services that investigated with that group didn"t confirm that it is a branch of Al-Qaeda network in Lebanon .
When asked whether elements from Hamas and Fatah are involved with this group, Al-Masri confirmed that there is no relation between them and Hamas members, pointing out that the Islamic group rejects linking between. He added that elements of the Hamas movement in Nahr Al-Bared camp are exerting huge efforts to reach a ceasefire and pointed out that Fatah Movement is well known for its enmity to Fatah Islam group and of its support to Lebanon.

And here’s video taken by Al-Jazeera inside the camp…