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by: Khalid Amayreh 2010-1-24
The Middle East Monitor (MEMO) once again highlights the issue of human rights abuses by the Western backed Palestinian Authority in the Occupied West Bank. It seems to Intelligence blasphemy was like breathing oxygen...

by: Khaled Amayreh 2010-1-24
Accused of treason by one of Islam's greatest living scholars, Palestinian President Abbas is rocked and on the defensive...

PRIME Minister Ehud Olmert has announced a new $30 billion ($35.2 billion) US defence package to preserve Israel’s regional military superiority, as Washington readied an Arab arms deal to counter Iran...

by: Uri Avneri 2007-7-29
LAST WEEK, James Wolfensohn gave a long interview to Haaretz. He poured out his heart and summed up, with amazing openness, his months as special envoy of the US, Russia, the EU and the UN (the "Quartet") in this country - the same job entrusted now to Tony Blair. The interview could have been entitled "A Warning to Tony". ..