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by: By Abigail Hauslohner 2010-4-14
Mohamed ElBaradei has taken Egypt's stagnant political scene by storm since his reincarnation two months ago from Nobel Peace Prize–winning international nuclear watchdog to domestic reform campaigner...

US human rights' scale tilts towards allies revealing a biased not so human right advocating US...

by: By Abdul Latif Sahak 2010-1-29
MAZAR-E-SHARIF, northern Afghanistan - Evidence is mounting that Taliban insurgents are purchasing the weapons they need to fight government and international forces..

by: Abigail Hauslohner 2009-11-15
The younger Mubarak was given a starring role in this month's annual conference of the ruling National Democratic Party, in what many see as an effort to position him to run in 2011 — and that would make his accession to the presidency largely a formality, since Egypt's regime does not tolerate a genuinely competitive democracy, and controls the political process to prevent it challenging the status quo. The most popular opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood, remains banned, although its members running as independents have garnered a substantial minority of parliamentary seats. (See pictures of women in Cairo.)..

Former President Jimmy Carter Thursday reiterated that there can be no peace between Israel and the Palestinians without involving the militant group Hamas...

by: Robin Wright* 2009-3-22
Three decades after Iran’s upheaval established Islamic clerical rule for the first time in 14 centuries, a quieter and more profound revolution is transforming the Muslim world. Dalia Ziada is a part of it...

by: Tony Karon 2009-3-7
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown promised the U.S. Congress on Wednesday to "work tirelessly with you for peace in the Middle East." But Britain clearly has some ideas of its own about how to move the process forward, and those ideas clash with the orthodoxies still in place in Washington..

by: Andrew Lee Butters 2008-5-17
There are no longer any Hizballah fighters surrounding the grand red sandstone Beirut town house belonging to Walid Jumblatt, a member of Parliament and one of the leaders of Lebanon’s governing coalition...

by: Tony Karon 2008-4-14
The idea of the starving masses driven by their desperation to take to the streets and overthrow the ancien regime has seemed impossibly quaint since capitalism triumphed so decisively in the Cold War...

The world media is not interested in the news of Osama Bin Laden and Ayman Ath-Thawahri only, also; the Muslims who carry out the terrorist bombings in Europe and America are not the symbol of Muslims living in the west or even the spokespersons of Islam there, but there are other Muslims of another type; there are many Muslims who realized that integration with the western society is not against adhering to the moderate teachings of one’s religion. They realized that Islam is not inte..

by: Carla Power 2008-2-19
When Famile Arslan showed up for her first day of work, the receptionist pointed her toward the broom closet. "’The cleaning supplies are over there,’" Arslan recalls being told. "I had to say, ’No, I’m not the cleaner. I’m the lawyer.’" In fairness to the receptionist, Arslan was making history that morning, as the first attorney to wear a hijab in the Netherlands...

by: Karen Armstrong 2008-2-13
Jerusalem was central to the spiritual identity of Muslims from the very beginning of their faith. When the Prophet Muhammad first began to preach in Mecca in about 612, according to the earliest biographies, which are our primary source of information about him, he had his converts prostrate themselves in prayer in the direction of Jerusalem...

by: Scott MacLeod 2007-9-17
President Mubarak’s health is said to be fine these days, but we can’t say the same for press freedom in Egypt. On Thursday,..

by: Robert Baer 2007-9-16
Bush’s denials to the contrary, the Administration is holding its breath hoping Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki will resign. It only now has figured out that Maliki is too close to Iran. And if Maliki turns out to be obstinate, the Arabic word for coup d’etat is "inqilab."..

by: Scott MacLeod 2007-8-22
The struggle for Egypt’s future is heating up again, with Sunday’s arrests of Essam Erian, political coordinator for the Muslim Brotherhood, and several other top Brotherhood operatives...

by: Ahmed Shihab-Eldin 2007-8-6
Wael Abbas, an Egyptian blogger that was recently awarded the 2007 Knight International Award for Civic journalism said to the press in a recent statement “We are establishing a new school of journalism.”..