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by: Khalil Al-anani 2007-12-7
The Brotherhood favours form over substance, presumably out of a desire to maintain unity within its ranks. Those who advise unity at any cost argue that the Brotherhood has a responsibility towards its external "branches". Naïve as it is, this argument provides a pretext for Brotherhood conservatives to keep things the way they are. Several attempts for reform within the Muslim Brotherhood have been foiled and those who proposed change were cast as "unfaithful" to the Brotherhood do..

by: Khalil Alanani 2007-10-2
only candidates from the handful of officially approved political parties will be eligible to take part in the presidential elections due in September 2005. ..

by: Khalil Alanani 2007-10-2
The way the Muslim Brotherhood views the United States Unlike other Islamic political groups, the Muslim Brotherhood is a pragmatic movement that relates in a level-headed manner with regional and international powers..

by: Khalil Alanani 2007-10-1
The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is undergoing notable changes in the context of its participation in the parliamentary elections currently taking place...

by: Khalil Alanani 2007-10-1
The conflict between the Muslim Brotherhood and the regime is happening on three fronts. Will this country implement Sharia (Islamic jurisdiction) in the fullest sense or not?..

by: Khalil Alanani 2007-10-1
the release of the political party prospectus, even in its preliminary draft form, represents a qualitative shift in the Brotherhood’s thinking...

by: Khalil Alanani 2007-10-1
When President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt announced on 26 February that he would introduce a measure of competition into his country’s presidential elections he took most observers and most of his compatriots by surprise,..