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by: By Stephen Lendman 2010-9-26
"The UN Human Rights Council's fact-finding mission concluded that Israel's naval blockade of the Palestinian territory was unlawful because of the humanitarian crisis there, and described the military raid on the flotilla as brutal and disproportionate."..

by: Abdus Sattar Ghazali 2009-12-4
The Amman, Jordan-based Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre in collaboration with the Prince Alwaleed BinTalal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at the Georgetown University, Washington DC, has issued a list of 500 most influential Muslims in the world...

by: Abigail Adams 2009-5-7
Azzam Tamimi’s Hamas: The Unwritten Chapters was released in the U.K. by Hurst Publishing shortly after the collapse of a Palestinian National Unity Government that recognized the electoral victory of Hamas. Hamas: A History From Within was released in the U.S. by Olive Branch Press, an imprint of Interlink Publishing, just after Hamas seized control of the Gaza Strip through military force. A postscript was written for the U.S. publication that cannot be found in the UK. ..

by: Dave Lindorff 2009-1-1
Media outlets like the New York Times may call “evenhandedly” for a cease-fire by “both sides,” as though the handful of home-made unguided rockets fired into Israel by Hamas a?e in any way comparable to the ?assive assault by the IDF. But whe reality is that it is the Issaeli forces, which, thanks to t?eir overwhelming US-supplied an? financed firepower, are killin? Palestinians on purpose, at a sate of 100:1 compared to Hamas.? ..

by: Dave Lindorff 2009-1-1

by: ALI ETERAZ 2007-12-8
Muslim dictatorships have caused a lot of frustration. These days Islamists – individuals and groups who believe that their system of government should be based on Islamic principles – are one of the leading groups challenging dictators...

by: Winston 2007-11-10
This week the committee let Mukasey pass even though he doesn’t have the decency to admit that waterboarding is torture, and they got the impeachment of Cheney..