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by: Shadi Hamid* 2009-3-25
The Iraq War will surely stand as the greatest of foreign policy mistakes -- a failure, and a tragic one, as no shortage of commentators have called it. What makes it more tragic is that it needn’t have been so. Whether or not one was firmly against the war from the start, the verdict on Iraq will ultimately be characterized by an unusual mix of anger, ambivalence, and, perhaps most of all, confusion..

by: Judah Grunstein 2009-3-13
As a lapsed and somewhat jaded idealist, I tend to analyze international relations independently of the moral categories that I apply to individuals. Certain regimes are just so beyond the pale that I simply avoid devoting much mental energy to them; North Korea and Burma, you’ll notice, rarely make appearances on the blog. But beyond a visceral repulsion to the extreme offenders..

by: Jon B. Alterman 2008-5-23
It has become impossible to credibly argue that the Bush Administration’s Middle East policies have advanced the national interests of the United States...

by: Juliette Terzieff 2007-12-3
Members of the European Parliament, human rights activists and dissidents appeared before a hearing of the European Parliament’s Human Rights Subcommittee Nov. 26 to testify about efforts to put pressure on the International Olympic Committee to hold China to a higher human rights standard. ..