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The Arab Network for Human Rights Information published the following testimony by an Egyptian citizen living in Germany who received military sentence of 3 years after raising a banner demanding the cleaning of Hurgada during a holiday there...

Statement by the Arab Human Rights Network Informations (ANHRI), following the opening session of former president Mubarak's trial..

ANHRI condemned today the continuity of the trial of the Sudanese activists and media professionals who work in Radio Dabanga under the case #1600 for the year 2010. The plaintiff of the lawsuit is a member of State Security, accusing them of broadcasting information that affects the reputation of the state, as well as establishing a non-licensed radio station...

ANHRI condemned raiding Tahrir sit-in by force on Monday Augest1, 2011. Military Police Forces and Central Security raided Tahrir Square by force and violence, which led to many of the casualties and large numbers of detainees, as well as disappeared people until now...

On the eve of former president Mubarak's trial, the Arab Network for Human Rights Informations (ANHRI) criticized gov't plans to bring former regime's figures to justice and questioned the integrity of the trial in light of measures taken by court...

ANHRI condemns the criminal practices of the Syrian regimeANHRI condemned today the ongoing criminal practices by the Syrian regime, which fed up by all opposed voice, until it came to cut the neck of “Ibrahim Khashoch”, a singer Syrian and who is so- called singer of the revolution for singing a song among the demonstrators titled “Leave us, Bashar”...

ANHRI shown today its deeply annoying by the ongoing disappearance of the Syrian blogger and Internet activist Anas Al- Marawi ?ƒ?’?†â€™?ƒâ€??‚?¢?ƒ?’?‚?¢?ƒ?¢?¢â€??¬?…???ƒâ€??‚?¬?ƒ?’?‚?¢?ƒ?¢?¢â‚¬???‚?¬?ƒâ€¦?¢â‚¬?“ founder of the first Arabic site specializes in open source phone operating system ?ƒ?’?†â€™?ƒâ€??‚?¢?ƒ?’?‚?¢?ƒ?¢?¢â€??¬?…???ƒâ€??‚?¬?ƒ?’?¢â‚¬?¦?ƒ?¢?¢â€??¬?…“Android?ƒ?’?†â€™?ƒâ€??‚?¢?ƒ?’?‚?¢?ƒ?¢?¢â€??¬?…???ƒâ€??‚?¬?ƒ?’?¢â‚¬???ƒâ€??‚?? what is so called ?ƒ?’?†â€™?ƒâ€??‚?¢?ƒ?’?‚?¢?ƒ?¢?¢â€??¬?…???ƒâ€??‚?¬?ƒ?’?¢â‚¬?¦?ƒ?¢?¢â€??¬?…“Erdorad?ƒ?’?†â€™?ƒâ€??‚?¢?ƒ?’?‚?¢?ƒ?¢?¢â€??¬?…???ƒâ€??‚?¬?ƒ?’?¢â‚¬???ƒâ€??‚??- for the eighth day without revealing his fate or declaration of the causes and place of detention until now ...

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information today,was extremely alarmed about the stalling of the Public Prosecutor on investigating the communique filed by ANHRI and its team on 23/2/2011 against the boards of Mobinil , Vodafone and Itisalat GSM companies ,Link and TE Data ISPs, and both the Minister of Communications and chairman of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority accusing them of criminal responsibility in the killing of demonstrators,..

A group of human rights organizations , activists, journalists, media professionals and bloggers made executive steps to create an institutional framework that reflects the aspirations of January 25th revolution, The National Coalition for Media Freedom...

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information today condemned the attack on the journalist, Ali Said , at Radio and Television magazine by a group of thugs of NDP on the evening of Thursday, March 30th ...

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said today that the warnings of the Supreme Council of the forces of military and religious leaders to the workers and urging them to halt demonstrations and labor strikes, while allowing police to demonstrate and rewarding them,..

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information welcomed today, the verdict issued on 19/2/2011 by Maragha misdemeanors appeals court in Sohag, in the case # 9029 / 2010...

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information today said that news coming from Libya reveal that the number of victims of protests demanding democracy in Benghazi alone has reached about 200 dead and 800 injured so far amounting to 1000 Libyan martyrs killed by the savage criminal dictator ...

The Arabic Network for Human Rights said today that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which runs Egypt now until the election of a civil government in a democratic way , should work on a policy of information dissemination and circulation in a timely and transparent manner...

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information today expressed surprise and resentment at the continuation of Libyan dictator resorting to practices that need psychological treatment , the latest of which was warnings of use of “Facebook”..

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information today announced the launch of a new website dedicated to publish the names of Egyptian journalists,..

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information denounced today the detention of an Emirates citizen , Hasan Mohamed elHamady in Khorfikan on 4/2/2011 for supporting the Egyptian revolution that was sparked by the Egyptian youth and which millions started to follow demanding democracy and Mubrarak to step down...

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information today said that impunity in Egypt must be put to an end...

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information expressed deep concern over the disappearance of the Egyptian citizen Wael Ghoneim, regional marketing manager of Google American group in the Middle East and Africa . Wael disappeared on Thursday, January 27th , 2011...

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said today, that the dismissal of the interior minister Habib Al-Adli is a national demand , being the prime responsible for the crimes of systematic torture in Egypt...

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