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Thu93 2020

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In his March 26th column in Frontpage, Patrick Poole accuses us of “rely[ing] on the reader’s ignorance of the Brotherhood” to present our case in Foreign Affairs. He then cites a series of instances which he regards as convincing proof of the Brotherhood’s anti-democratic and jihadist vocation. But it is Poole who relies on the reader’s ignorance by cynically taking Brotherhood statements and actions out of context and expecting the reader to search no further nor to have read our article..

Dozens of human rights activists and bloggers staged a demonstration Sunday in front of the Press Syndicate protesting at the continuous detentions and chases against fellow bloggers...

After two days of persecution and breaking into the house of blogger and El Hewar channel correspondent, Abdel Moneim Mahmoud, state security police detained him off a plane in Cairo airport, from where he is to begin a new journey of interrogations and detentions and probably torture, which he had suffered before by the hands of the Egyptian Ministry of Interior...