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by: MARY RIZZO 2009-10-20
In many parts of the West, certain political parties or movements are treated as if they come from the Moon or are alien to any body politic. Their existence among the people is always scrutinised as negative, transitory and something created in a boardroom or a backroom, imposed upon an unsophisticated public that is unable to differentiate a true political programme from empty and simplistic rhetoric. These parties or movements are depicted as if they only address the margins of society who are disenfranchised from any “normal” democratic bodies, and thus, are ramshackle bands that represent a minority constituency. Given their oppositional nature to pre-existing parties, they are outfitted with the label that will serve to keep them isolated from the structures that are already in operation. All of this is to destroy the party or movement by propaganda work rather than analysis of reality...

by: Ronnie Kasrils 2009-6-15
May I start by quoting a South African who emphatically stated as far back as 1961 that “The Jews took Israel from the Arabs after the Arabs had lived there for a thousand years. Israel like South Africa, is an apartheid state” (Rand Daily Mail, 23 November 1961). Those were not the words of Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Tutu or Ruth First, but were uttered by none other than the architect of apartheid itself, racist Prime Minister, Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd...

by: Mohamed Khodr 2009-6-10
AIPAC’s main influence and domination is in Congress although it certainly impacts all levels of the U.S. Government. Its main concern is U.S. foreign policy vis à vis Israel, the Middle East, and the Muslim world in general. It has succeeded for decades in preventing the development of any good relations between the Arab, Muslim world and the U.S. It focuses primarily on diplomatic, military, and financial aid to Israel as well as forcing the adoption of Israel’s enemies as Ameri..