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We don't have to accept the stoning of criminals. But it's time to stop treating all Islamists as potential terrorists...

by: By Sarah A. Topo 2010-3-2
When Mohamed ElBaradei's flight touched down at Cairo International Airport on Feb. 19, he was greeted by hundreds of supporters waving homemade ELBARADEI FOR PRESIDENT banners...

Last month, as I was watching the news coverage of President Obama’s visit to Turkey, I thought back to an awkward experience I had as an undergraduate student applying for a job at my university. When I handed the receptionist at the student union my Social Security card, a required form of identification, she told me she needed my passport as well. ..

by: Dr. Isobel Coleman 2008-11-9
Middle Eastern observers often assume that the deterioration of women’s rights in the region is directly linked to the political rise and popularity of Islamist parties in countries across the region. But this guest author argues otherwise. Dr. Isobel Coleman, a senior fellow for U.S. foreign policy at the Council on Foreign Relations and director of the Council’s Women and Foreign Policy program, argues that the movement of these groups into mainstream politics is actually changing ..

by: Eboo Patel 2008-9-22
I saw someone in Atlanta wearing a shirt with a picture of King and a picture of Barack - "The Dreamer and the Dream" it read. It reminded me, even in the midst of the partisan fray of a presidential election, that Barack Obama’s journey is an ..

by: Zvika Krieger 2008-8-28
For centuries, the academic center of the world lay in the Fertile Crescent, stretching from Egypt to Iraq. Institutions like Baghdad’s Dar al-Hikma (a vast academic center that thrived from the ninth to the 13th centuries) and the Great Library of Alexandria ..

Since arriving in Ankara earlier this summer I have been having a cool Turkish dream. No, it does not take place on a yacht sailing through turquoise waters off the Turkish Riviera. Rather, my dream is a political one, involving Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), in the wake of the Constitutional Court’s recent decision to fine it for violating the secular Constitution rather than shut it down. In ..

Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif urges the world to respect the results of the Palestinian election, and he defends his government’s handling of the Ayman Nour case...

by: Newsweek International 2007-1-28

Our position is very clear. You need inclusion. You cannot just say, ’Hamas doesn’t exist.

Since he was appointed to lead a mainly technocratic government in 2004, Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif has been immersed in some of the Middle East’s most complex political problems—the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the widening war in Iraq, not to mention Egypt’s own on-again off-again steps toward democracy. He also spoke to NEWSWEEK’s Lally Weymouth in Davos last week. Excerpts:

Weymouth: There’s a rumor in Washington that the United States is going to bomb Iran. What do you think of the idea?

We’ve said clearly that this would not be a good idea. If it is to deter Iran, it probably will have the exact opposite effect...

by: JAMES TRAUB 2007-4-30
A huge fire erupted yesterday at Wadi Al-Natrun prison, Cairo-Alex. desert road, specifically in wards of the desert 440 prison..

by: JAMES TRAUB 2007-4-30
At 2 in the morning, a few days after I arrived in Cairo last month, a text message beeped into my cellphone: “Mahmoud Ghozlan, MB Guide Bureau, is being arrested NOW.” Ghozlan was only the latest prominent member of the Muslim Brotherhood..

Don’t look now, but the face of radical Islam has changed dramatically across the Middle East. . . writes Stephen Glain ..