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by: Khaled Hamza 2012-5-22
Ahead of this week's presidential elections in Egypt, the BBC News website has asked four Egyptians with contrasting political opinions to express their hopes and fears. Khaled Hamza is editor-in-chief of the the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood's official English website, ikhwanweb.com...

by: John Leyne 2010-9-18
Doubts have been raised about Egypt's 82-year-old president's health and whether he will be fit enough to stand for re-election in 2011. Various factions might hope to step into any political vacuum and it is possible power could shift to his son...

by: Jon Leyne 2010-8-25
Egypt's opposition movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, has launched its own Facebook-style social networking site...

by: Magdi Abdelhadi 2010-8-24
When Egyptian school teacher Hassan al-Banna founded the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928 to teach his fellow Egyptians how to re-discover their Muslim identity and fight British control, he probably never thought that 80 years later, his organisation would have the global reach it has today...