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by: Abdelrahman Ayyash 2009-11-4
“Muslim Brotherhood Poses No Threat to Arts.” This is not of the general guide’s statements. These words uttered by the famous Egyptian actor Omar Sharif – he played the role of Doctor Zhivago in the famous movie – so we can’t say that MB may oppose arts for just opposing it, because they believe in the art’s role in building nations and civilizations...

by: AbdElRaHmaN Ayyash 2008-1-28
In America there are two main parties, the current ruling party, the Republicans, and represented by George Bush as the President, and the majority party in the Congress, the Democrats. And it was represented earlier by Bill Clinton, and [may be] it will be represented in the next election by Hilary Clinton, the candidate who will most likely become the first women to become the President of the United States...

by: AbdelRahman Ayyash 2007-10-8
This includes Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, a member of the MB Executive Office, who was detained seven months ago.....

by: AbdelRahman Ayyash 2007-9-3
In the first week of November, the annual conference for the ruling National Party will be held. Many believe that this conference is a step for Gamal Mubarak’s succession for the presidency of the party and then to succeed his father in ruling Egypt...